Updating the SC18 Technical Program to Inspire the Future

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In this special guest feature, SC18 Technical Program Chair David Keyes from KAUST writes that important changes are coming to the world’s biggest HPC conference this November in Dallas.

David Keyes is a Professor of Applied Mathematics and Computational Science
Director of the Extreme Computing Research Center at KAUST.

How do we make the best even better? It’s an important question to ask as a team of more than 400 volunteers undertakes to create a world-class SC18 technical program. It is a daunting task to live up to the 30-year history of distinction SC has carved for itself.

No other HPC conference delivers such a broad diversity of topics and depth of insight, and it’s a thrill to be helming such an international effort. As we seek to achieve even more with our technical program, you’ll see some exciting changes built into the planning for SC18 in Dallas this November.

With the help and support of our accomplished team of diverse and talented chairs who hail from industry, nonprofit organizations, laboratories and academia, we have determined to:

  • Build on SC’s program quality reputation by strengthening the already rigorous double-blind review process for technical paper submissions, resulting in a new two-stage submission process and some revised submission dates worth noting;
  • Add the option of reproducibility supplements to Workshops and Posters;
  • Include new proceedings venues for Workshops and the SciViz Showcase;
  • Call on technical submissions to emphasize the theme of “convergence” among our four charter areas of exploration—High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis;
  • Consolidate all five poster categories into a single exhibit space;
  • Offer career-themed Fireside Chats;
  • Move to a code-enabled online content distribution onsite for fully up-to-date tutorial materials and away from the USB stick distribution method;
  • Adapt physical meeting spaces to better accommodate registrants for technical programs.

We welcome the opportunity to hear your comments and questions. If you have insights to share, please send them to techprogram@info.supercomputing.org.

As SC18 Technical Program Chair, David Keyes oversees the assembly of the world’s leading technical program in the supercomputing community. Keyes is also an adjunct professor in Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics at Columbia University and an affiliate of several laboratories of the U.S. Department of Energy. He is interested in the co-design of algorithms to connect numerical models of physical systems to energy-austere extreme performance architectures.

SC18 takes place Nov. 11-16 in Dallas, Texas.

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