Video: The Sierra Supercomputer – Science and Technology on a Mission

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Adam Bertsch is an HPC Systems Engineer at LLNL

In this video from the Stanford HPC Conference, Adam Bertsch from LLNL presents: The Sierra Supercomputer: Science and Technology on a Mission.

“LLNL just celebrated its 65th anniversary. Since 1952, the laboratory has been at the forefront of high performance computing. Initially, HPC was used to accelerate the design and testing of the nation’s nuclear stockpile. Since the last U.S. nuclear test in 1992, HPC has been used to validate the safety, security, and reliability of stockpile without nuclear testing.

Our next flagship HPC system at LLNL will be called Sierra. A collaboration between multiple government and industry partners, Sierra and its sister system Summit at ORNL, will pave the way towards Exascale computing architectures and predictive capability.”

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