IBM Launches MAX – an App Store for Machine Learning Models

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Over at the IBM Blog, Dr. Angel Diaz writes that the company has just launched the Model Asset eXchange. MAX is effectively an App Store for free Machine Learning models to help developers and data scientists easily discover, rate and deploy AI.

We are excited to announce one of the first initiatives in this space — an open source enterprise Model Asset eXchange, or “MAX”. MAX is a models app store that aims to ignite a community of data scientists and AI developers, enabling them to easily discover, rate, and deploy machine learning models. MAX is a one-stop exchange for data scientists and AI developers to consume models created using their favorite machine learning engines, like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Caffe2, and provides a standardized approach to classify, annotate, and deploy these models for prediction and inferencing, including an increasing number of models that can be deployed and customized in IBM’s recently announce AI application development platform, Watson Studio.

The Model Asset Exchange allows you to experiment with MAX models on your system. For trying locally on your machine, MAX offers Docker-based deployment and wraps models with a REST API, which can be used for model inferencing and consumption. The Model API server also provides an interactive Swagger documentation page. When users launch the build, model weights and graphs are downloaded from an object storage into the user’s Docker environment. When the API server is running, you can explore the API and also create test requests.

MAX Machine Learning Models are available to download for free.

If you find a model you want to leverage in our recently announced Watson Studio platform, we are packaging a subset of those models into the format specified by newly launched Watson Studio deep learning capabilities. Going forward, an increasing number of models will be made available for use in Watson Studio. Deep Learning as a Service within Watson Studio embraces a wide array of popular open source frameworks like TensorFlow, Caffe, and PyTorch, and offers them truly as a cloud native service on IBM Cloud, with tools to build and manage models throughout their lifecycle. We currently have tutorials for customizing and running MAX community models in Watson Studio. We continue to refine and automate the MAX automation with Studio to provide you the most seamless experience possible.

Join MAX and help ignite the community! We’re just getting started! We’re at the cusp of an AI renaissance, and we believe MAX will help you create and curate best-of-breed models and ignite a community of data scientists and AI developers. Join us and help fuel this renaissance!

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