New BOXX Deep Learning Workstation has 4 NVIDIA GPUs and 18-core Xeon Processors

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Today BOXX Technologies announced the new APEXX W3 compact workstation featuring an Intel Xeon W processor, four dual slot NVIDIA GPUs, and other innovative features for accelerating HPC applications.

Available with an Intel Xeon W CPU (up to 18 cores) in a compact chassis, the remarkably quiet APEXX W3 is ideal for data scientists, enabling deep learning development at the user’s deskside. Capable of supporting up to four NVIDIA Quadro GV100 graphics cards, the workstation helps users rapidly iterate and test code prior to large-scale DL deployments while also being ideal for GPU-accelerated rendering. At GTC, APEXX W3 will demonstrate V-Ray rendering with NVIDIA OptiX AI-accelerated denoiser technology.

Driven by NVIDIA Volta GPU architecture, the Quadro GV100 is the most powerful graphics card ever created for PC workstations,” said Bob Pette, Vice President, Professional Visualization, NVIDIA. “By integrating it into the new APEXX W3, BOXX has once again demonstrated their commitment to enabling the most advanced, professional GPU capability for complex deep learning and rendering workflows.”

The APEXX W3 is joined by the new GX8-P deep learning server featuring a single AMD EPYC processor with up to 32 high performance cores. Along with its outstanding capabilities, when compared to dual processor platforms, GX8-P is also a much more cost effective deep learning solution. The powerful server is available with up to eight, full-size NVIDIA Quadro or Tesla GPUS, or AMD Radeon Pro or Radeon Instinct graphics cards for rapid training of deep neural networks.

In addition to the APEXX W3 and GX8-P, the BOXX booth will also include the APEXX P5, a workstation ideal for deskside, deep learning development, as well as a variety of professional visualization applications. With support for up to four, dual-slot NVIDIA graphics cards featuring the latest Volta architecture and Tensor Cores, the P5 is the world’s most advanced workstation for GPU-centric workflows. The BOXX system also includes a single AMD EPYC processor with up to 32 high performance CPU cores.

The BOXX GTC lineup is rounded out by the GoBOXX SLM VR featuring a new NVIDIA Quadro P4000 GPU. The world’s thinnest, lightest VR-ready mobile workstation, GoBOXX SLM VR allows users to create stunning, seamless VR experiences.

The APEXX W3 compact workstation will debut at BOXX booth #403 at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in Silicon Valley. The APEXX W3 will be joined by other new BOXX products including the GX8-P server, the APEXX P5 workstation, and a GoBOXX SLM VR mobile workstation. Held through March 29 in San Jose, GTC is the premier AI and deep learning event, providing attendees with training, insights, and direct access to experts from NVIDIA and other leading organizations.

GTC attendees expect to see tomorrow’s technology solving today’s most demanding challenges,” said Shoaib Mohammad, BOXX VP of Marketing and Business Development. “So BOXX is taking the lead with deep learning servers that allow organizations to scale out, as well as solutions like the APEXX W3 which brings deep learning and GPU-accelerated rendering to your deskside.”

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