A Primer on Quantum Computing… with Doughnuts!

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Jessica Pointing teaches a primer on Quantum Computing. Even better — there’s Doughnuts… with Sprinkles!

In this video from the 2018 IBM Think conference, Jessica Pointing presents: The World of Quantum.

“Because atoms and subatomic particles behave in strange and complex ways, classical physics can not explain their quantum behavior. However, when the behavior is harnessed effectively, systems become far more powerful than classical computers… quantum powerful. Jessica Pointing, quantum computing researcher, unpacks this topic with a fascinating primer.”

Jessica Pointing is a Physics and Computer Science student at Harvard, and previously Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She is also Founder of Optimize Guide, a blog that has been read by more than 160,000 people. Jessica did internships as a Software Engineer at Google, Management Consultant at McKinsey & Company, Investment Banker at Goldman Sachs and Strat at Morgan Stanley.

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