Radio Free HPC looks at the Quest for Quantum Supremacy

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In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team looks at the big three technologies of the day on the Hype curve:

  • Machine Learning. The GTC conference is coming up, and we are seeing a continuing series of announcements like the high density deep learning server from Lamda Labs.
  • Cryptocurrency. GPUs are in short supply as crypto miners continue to buy mass quantities of consumer devices.
  • Quantum Computing. This week Google unveiled their 72-Qbit Bristlecone Quantum Chip, which they claim has them on the road to Quantum Supremacy. At the same time, quantum seems to be going mainstream, as evidenced by a panel discussion this week at SXSW. You can listen to the full recording of the session right here on insideHPC.

Quantum Computing was the focus of a panel discussion at SXSW this week. From left: Bo Ewald (D-Wave Systems) Antia Lamas-Linares (TACC) Patricia Baumhart (D-Wave Systems) Jerry Chow (IBM) and Andrew Fursman 1Qbit.

After that, we do our Catch of the Week:

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