Sharing High-Performance Interconnects Across Multiple Virtual Machines

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In this video from the Stanford HPC Conference, Mohan Potheri from VMware presents: Sharing High-Performance Interconnects Across Multiple Virtual Machines.

“Virtualized devices offer maximum flexibility: sharing of hardware between virtual machines, the use of VMware vMotion to handle migration and take snapshots. However, when performance is the most critical requirement there are other options. VMware Direct Path I/O delivers excellent performance, but only for a single virtual machine. Single root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV), on the other hand, offers the performance of pass-through mode while allowing devices to be shared by multiple virtual machines.

This session introduces SR-IOV, explains how it is enabled in VMware vSphere, and provides details of specific use cases that important for machine learning and high-performance computing. It includes performance comparisons that demonstrate the benefits of SR-IOV and information on how to configure and tune these configurations.”

Mohan Potheri is an HPC Solutions Architect at VMware. He has more than 20 years in IT infrastructure, with in depth experience on VMWARE virtualization. Mohan Potheri is highly qualified with the multiple certifications and awards that include VCDX#98, vExpert 2014-2017, CISSP & AWS Solutions Architect. He currently focuses on evangelization of “Business Critical Applications (BCA)” and HPC Virtualization on vSphere. He has extensive experience with HPC in corporate engineering environments. Mohan Potheri has been a speaker in multiple VMWORLD, Tech Summit and Partner Exchange events. Prior to VMWARE, Mohan worked at many large enterprises where he has designed and deployed resilient, scalable and performant virtualized HPC solutions.

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