Transforming Scientific Data into Immersive Visualizations

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Colleen Heinemann, University of Illinois

In this video, Colleen Heinemann, a Ph.D. student with the University of Illinois, describes how visualization makes scientific data more accessible and useful by transforming it into virtual objects you can see, touch and manipulate in 3-D space.

“My research interest is in the cross section between High Performance Computing and scientific visualization. I am interested in not only presenting scientific data in an interesting way, but also in how High Performance Computing can be used to optimize the visualization process.”

Colleen Heinemann received her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. She now is a PhD student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studying scientific visualization and its combination with High Performance Computing. In addition, she works for the Data Analytics and Visualization Group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California where her research is focused on the parallelization of image processing algorithms. In addition, she is an instructor for the Blue Waters Petascale Institute every summer where incoming Blue Waters interns are given the skills necessary to complete projects on the Blue Waters supercomputer. She was a participant of the Broader Engagement Program at SC14, SC15, and SIAM CSE 15 and is excited to relay some of the information and valuable skills she gained there on to other students.

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