Accelerating Ceph with RDMA and NVMe-oF

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In this video from the 2018 OpenFabrics Workshop, Haodong Tang from Intel presents: Accelerating Ceph with RDMA and NVMe-oF.

“Efficient network messenger is critical for today’s scale-out storage systems. Ceph is one of the most popular distributed storage system providing a scalable and reliable object, block and file storage services. As the explosive growth of Big Data continues, there’re strong demands leveraging Ceph build high performance & ultra-low latency storage solution in the cloud and bigdata environment. The traditional TCP/IP cannot satisfy this requirement, but Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) can.

In this session, we’ll present the challenges in today’s distributed storage system posed by network messenger with the profiling results of Ceph All Flash Array system showing the networking already become the bottleneck and introduce how we achieved 8% performance benefit with Ethernet RDMA protocol iWARP. We’ll first present the design of integrating iWARP to Ceph networking module together with performance characterization results with iWARP enabled IO intensive workload. The send part, we will explore the proof-of-concept solution of Ceph on NVMe over iWARP to build high-performance and high-density storage solution. Finally, we will showcase how these solutions can improve OSD scalability, and what’s the next optimization opportunities based on current analysis.”

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