ARI-400 Series Features Declustered RAID Technology

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Today RAID Incorporated updated its ARI-400 Series of storage solutions. The newest release features declustered RAID, which allows for mixing and matching of multiple disk capacities and greatly reduces rebuild times, a much welcomed technology as larger disks continue to be released into the market.

RAID is excited to expand our ARI product to the market since first showcasing the product line at SC17 in November. We believe that the price point to performance will be very attractive for our current and future customers. It is compact, delivers impressive performance and gives a ton of flexibility for traditional, hybrid, and all flash arrays,” stated Marc DiZoglio, President of RAID, Inc.

Performance gains are also significant with the new release as the dual controller system can sustain up to 7GB/sec on reads and up to 5GB/sec on writes for very demanding user workloads. For IOP intensive applications, configurations can also be configured as hybrid or flash arrays to achieve up to 650,000 IOPs per second.

The product line comes in three form factor sizes that can be mixed and matched, including a 2U 12 bay 3.5″, a 2U 24 bay 2.5″ and a 5U 84 bay 3.5″. The 3.5″ chassis also accommodates 2.5″ 10K SAS and SSD media for hybrid or all flash solutions. Using 12TB drives, a 5U 84 bay product can expand up to 336 drives or 4+PB in a 20U standard size rack. In addition, the 5U 84 bay without controllers will spin off to RAID’s Ability JBOD line to give customers the flexibility of using the product for software, cloud and archive based applications.

We’re excited to offer a versatile array that meets the demand of our data intensive, IOPs hungry, bandwidth driven applications across many of our market segments,” added Jad Ramey, Vice President of RAID, Inc.

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