Hyperion Research Posts Interactive Map of 765 U.S. HPC Sites

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Today Hyperion Research announced that an information-rich, interactive map of 765 HPC sites in the United States is now publicly accessible on the company’s website. The market research firm developed the map late last year under a U.S. government study and recently received permission to make the map available via the Internet.

The mapped sites include government, academic and industrial HPC data centers, along with HPC vendors. Moving the cursor over a site automatically displays detailed information about the site, including the organization’s name, employee count, annual revenue, phone number and Congressional district. This powerful tool can be used to identify the economic impact of HPC in a user-defined area (state, Congressional district, et al.) or for the United States as a whole, or to understand where HPC jobs are located, as well as who the Congressional district representatives are.

In related news, Hyperion Research also launched a new quantum computing practice led by Bob Sorensen, vice president of research and technology. The kick-off event for the practice was a high-profile session held on April 18 at the HPC User Forum in Tucson. The session featured quantum computing experts from the Department of Energy, D-Wave, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NASA, NIST, Rigetti and China’s University of Science and Technology.

You can watch the HPC User Forum quantum computing talks right here on insideHPC. In fact, all presentations from the event are available in the HPC User Forum Video Gallery.

The next HPC User Forum will be held September 4-6, 2018 at the Dearborn Inn in Dearborn, Michigan.

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