Iceland’s Verne Global Steps up to run HPC & AI Workloads in the Cloud

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In this video from the GPU Technology Conference, Bob Fletcher from Verne Global discusses why more and more HPC & AI workloads are moving to the company’s datacenters in Iceland.

Today’s computational environments are changing rapidly as more companies are looking to utilize HPC and intensive applications across an increasingly wide variety of industries. At Verne Global we have fully optimized our campus to meet the specific requirements of the international HPC community.”

Why host your workloads in Iceland? Verne Global is committed to delivering solutions that help you exceed your goals:

Manufacturing. Manufacturing life cycles are more reliant on data than ever before. From computer-aided design and engineering, to crash test simulation and modeling workloads – digital transformation has ushered in a new era of discrete and process manufacturing. Our purpose-built high performance computing solutions and abundant, low-cost power availability are designed with advanced manufacturing in mind.

Finance and Capital Markets. Nothing stands still in the world of the financial markets. The industry is constantly evolving as high performance and grid computing is used in ever more innovative and valuable ways, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. To support this fast paced environment, we have developed bespoke industry-ready solutions that are designed to scale, fast.

Technology. With the phenomenal development and integration of AI, machine learning, deep learning and blockchain computing into industries or all types and forms, high-tech companies are under increasing pressure for accelerated innovation cycles. Many of these technologies require high performance computing platforms. Verne Global is a leader within this type of compute and has designed tailored solutions to support these exacting demands.

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