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Industry Insights: Download the Results of our AI & HPC Perceptions Survey

We are excited to announce that we have the results from our 2018 AI/HPC Perceptions Survey.

We launched this survey to better understand the HPC community’s perceptions on the intersection of HPC and AI. The survey was executed in October of 2017 — and again in February 2018 — with a total of 201 responses.

The survey responses show that AI is certainly on the mind of many in the HPC industry. In fact, 90 percent of all respondents felt that their business will ultimately be impacted by AI. Although almost all respondents see AI as playing a role in the future of the business, the survey also revealed the top three industries that will see the most impact. Healthcare came in first, followed by life sciences, and finance/transportation tied in third place. The possibilities of AI are seemingly endless. And the shift has already begun. The survey showed that 83 percent of organizations testing or using AI are already seeing noticeable benefits.

Download the full report to check out the results of this year’s 2018 AI/HPC Perceptions Survey and see how AI is already changing the world of HPC and beyond.

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