New Types of Memory, their support in Linux, and how to use them via RDMA

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In this video from the 2018 OpenFabrics Workshop, Christoph Lameter from Jump Trading LLC presents: New Types of Memory, their support in Linux and how to use them via RDMA.

“Recently new types of memory have shown up like HBM (High Bandwidth Memory), Optane, 3DXpoint, NVDIMM, NVME and various “nonvolatile” types memory. This talk gives a brief rundown on what is available and gives some example on how the vendors enable the actual use of this memory in the operating system (f.e. DAX and filesystems) and then show how an application would make use of this memory. In particular then we will be looking at what considerations are important for the use of RDMA to those memory devices.”

Christoph Lameter is working as a lead in research and development for Jump Trading LLC (an algorithmic trading company) in Chicago and maintains the slab allocators and the per cpu subsystems in the Linux Kernel. He contributed to a number of Linux projects since the initial kernel releases in the early 90s. As a kernel developer at SGI he helped pioneer the use of Linux for Supercomputing and developed the necessary kernel capabilities for HPC applications. Currently he is working on improving Linux through the use of new faster APIs to a variety of high performance devices and is evaluating new technologies that allow faster processing.

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  1. Wow!! interesting research by Christoph Lameter….