How NVIDIA Powers HPC for Energy at Dell EMC

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In this video from the GPU Technology Conference, Peter Lilian from NVIDIA describes how the company works with Dell EMC to deliver extreme performance solutions for the Energy sector.

Dell EMC and NVIDIA have expanded their collaboration by signing a new strategic agreement to include joint product development of new products and solutions that address the burgeoning workload and datacenter requirements, with GPU-accelerated solutions for HPC, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.


insideHPC: Hi, I’m Rich with Inside HPC. We’re here at the GPU Technology Conference in Silicone Valley and I’m here with Peter Lillian from nVidia. This is your conference Peter, but I wanted to ask you about the energy sector and how you go to market with companies and partners like Dell. What’s going on?

Peter Lillian: So several years ago we worked with Dell to go come up with a product called the C4130 and it was a best in class dense GPU solution. Support GPUs and a one-use solution. It was actually targeted mostly at the oil and gas segment. And we had several wins in that industry to basically be able to go drive for short run times, faster throughput on being able to identify where to go drill accurately first time out using RTM methodologies on GPUs. The partnership with Dell, Dell EMC, enabled us to again put best in class dense solutions. As our technologies continued to evolve with SXM2 form factors, Dell had already pre designed those features into the C4130 as well as the recently released C4140 to go continue. As we’re evolving Dell is evolving with us.

insideHPC: And how are you guys leveraging these new technologies that are coming out? We heard a lot about them today at the Jen-Hsun Keynote, but specifically in that energy sector?

Peter Lillian: So an energy sector is one of our first business development areas of how to do strong scaling with GPUs. So when you go back several years into the area of GPU programming when we announced CUDA 10 years ago there weren’t a lot of applications out there. And so the methodology that we’ve kind of put in place for a number of industries is development relations with specific applications to go help them port and migrate their applications to go run effectively on GPUs. And oil and gas was one of the first ones we invested in. You’re seeing that now with the methodology we put in place for artificial intelligence and deep learning, building that same ecosystem and building the developer ecosystem up to go programmatically take advantage of anything from single GPU inside of a Jetson as Jen-Hsun was talking about on the keynote today with the Drive PX solutions all the way up into the largest supercomputers in the world.

insideHPC: Thanks for sharing this. I hope you have a great show here at GTC this week.

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