Video: Moving Towards Personalized Medicine at The UberCloud

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In this video, Wolfgang Gentzsch from The UberCloud describes a pair of projects paving the way for Personalized Medicine in the Cloud:

  • The Living Heart Project is uniting leading cardiovascular researchers, educators, medical device developers, regulatory agencies, and practicing cardiologists on a shared mission to develop and validate highly accurate personalized digital human heart models. These models will establish a unified foundation for cardiovascular in silico medicine and serve as a common technology base for education and training, medical device design, testing, clinical diagnosis and regulatory science —creating an effective path for rapidly translating current and future cutting edge innovations directly into improved patient care.
  • Non-Invasive Neuro-Stimulation Of The Brain To Treat Schizophrenia. In the last six years UberCloud has performed 200 cloud experiments with engineers and scientists and their complex applications. In a series of challenging high performance computing applications in the Life Sciences, UberCloud’s HPC Containers have been packaged recently with several scientific workflows and application data to simulate complex phenomena in human’s heart and brain. As the core software for these HPC Cloud experiments we are using the (containerized) Abaqus solver running in a fully automated multi-node HPE environment in the Advania HPC Cloud.

Wolfgang Gentzsch is an industry executive consultant for high performance, technical and cloud computing. He was the Chairman of the Intl. ISC Cloud Conference Series, an Advisor to the EU projects DEISA and EUDAT, directed the German D-Grid Initiative, was a Director of the Open Grid Forum, Managing Director of the North Carolina Supercomputer Center (MCNC), and a member of the US President’s Council on Science & Technology PCAST. In the 90s Wolfgang founded several HPC companies, including Gridware (which developed the distributed resource management software Grid Engine) acquired by Sun where he became Sun’s Senior Director of Grid Computing.

In this video from the HPC User Forum in Tucson, Wolfgang Gentzsch from The UberCloud presents: HPC Innovation Excellence Winner: HPC Simulations of the Impact of Drug-induced Arrhythmias in Living Hearts.

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