Video: State of Containers and the Convergence of HPC and BigData

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Christian Kniep from Docker Inc.

In this video from 2018 Swiss HPC Conference, Christian Kniep from Docker Inc. presents: State of Containers and the Convergence of HPC and BigData.

“This talk will recap the history of and what constitutes Linux Containers, before laying out how the technology is employed by various engines and what problems these engines have to solve. Afterward Christian will elaborate on why the advent of standards for images and runtimes moved the discussion from building and distributing containers to orchestrating containerized applications at scale. In conclusion attendees will get an update on how containers foster the convergence of Big Data and HPC workloads and the state of native HPC containers.”

Christian Kniep is a Technical Account Manager at Docker Inc. With a 10y journey rooted in the HPC parts of the german automotive industry, Christian started to support CAE applications and VR installations. When told at a conference that HPC cannot learn anything from the emerging Cloud and BigData companies, he became curious and was leading the containerization effort of the cloud-stack at Playstation Now. Christian joined Docker Inc in 2017 to help push the adoption forward and be part of the innovation instead of an external bystander. During the day he helps Docker customers in the EMEA region to fully utilize the power of containers; at night he likes to explore new emerging trends by containerizing them first and seek application in the nebulous world of DevOps.

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