How ZIFF Powers AI with Dell EMC Technologies

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David Gonzalez is CEO and Co-founder of

In this video from the GPU Technology Conference, David Gonzolez from Ziff describes how Dell EMC powers AI solutions at his company.

“ZIFF is unique in its approach to Ai. By focusing on empowering product visionaries and software engineers, ZIFF can help organizations fully unlock the insights and automation trapped within their unstructured data.”

To accelerate it’s unstructured database technology, Ziff uses the Dell PowerEdge C4140, which allows them meet the demands of cognitive computing workloads with a dense, accelerator-optimized 1U server supporting 4 GPUs and superior thermal efficiency.

Ai also holds the keys to making your best workers faster and more accurate. We want CEOs considering how Ai will transform their businesses when their teams move at 2x, 10x, or even 100x their current rate. Finally, Ai allows your products to do even more work for your customers–letting you remove friction points that impede product growth and adoption.”

ZIFF is unique in its approach to Ai. By focusing on empowering product visionaries and software engineers, ZIFF can help organizations fully unlock the insights and automation trapped within their unstructured data.

We have been working with product teams for a year now and watching them work to integrate Ai and what we find is no surprise; there is a dyad of productivity for getting Ai to deliver value within an organization, and they are the same folks who have been shipping value for decades and decades: product visionaries plus software engineers. These folks know how to deliver value, and we want to get out of their way. Most teams do not have a dedicated DBA [database administrator] because that role is not needed to create world-class applications and we are seeing that same trend play out with Data Scientists especially in the context of building products and core-services on unstructured data. That’s why this next version of ZIFF gets rid of everything that gets in the way of product or engineer productivity.”


insideHPC: Hi. I’m Rich with insideHPC. We’re here at the GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley, and today I’m here with David Gonzalez from ZIFF. David, let’s start at the beginning. For folks that might not know, who is ZIFF and who do you help?

David Gonzalez: ZIFF is an unstructured database company, so we use AI to power the ability to interpret image, audio, and video data in the organization.

insideHPC: Okay. And we’re at GPU Conference. Do you guys use GPUs to accelerate this, or what does it do?

David Gonzalez: We use GPUs to power the AI inside of our database.

insideHPC: Okay. Okay. And is this inference or is this training? What do you–?

David Gonzalez: It’s actually both. So you load data in, and we anticipate your use of that data, train models against that anticipated use and [inaudible] it like a [inaudible] inference.

insideHPC: Okay. Well, can you give me a use case, how this would be used, like a customer deal?

David Gonzalez: Yeah. Yeah. So one of the customers we’re most proud of is actually just a little scrapbook company in Utah. And they’re using our technology to help power the ability to automatically create scrapbooks.

insideHPC: Well, that’s really cool. Okay. And then how are you working with Dell to empower this mission of yours?

Dell PowerEdge C4140

David Gonzalez: We’re equipped right now with a C4140, and we absolutely love it. It’s got four B100s. It’s processing about 6,000 images a second. And it keeps us up and running all day long, so we’re super happy with it.

insideHPC: So, David, I understand that you leveled up kind of your hardware recently. Can you tell me about that?

David Gonzalez: Yeah. Like a lot of AI shops, we started with essentially gaming hardware, and we were using that in soft production where we had humans in the loop kind of protecting the experience from the fragileness of that gaming box because it would go down like once a day. We were able to start with kind of very custom-built enterprise hardware, and our failures in our data center went down to about once a month which was tolerable, but not ideal. We finally graduated to the C4140, and it’s just been humming along without any issue, so we love it.

insideHPC: So that Dell box really kind of got you to where you wanted to be?

David Gonzalez: Absolutely, and I think we’ll just keep going with that. We look at the C4140 as kind of like the database footprint of the future because it’s got GPUs. It’s got a ton of CPUs, and we’re processing all of our customers’ data through without issue.

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