Bright Computing Signs X-ISS as Reseller and Services Partner

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Today Bright Computing announced a reseller and services partnership agreement with X-ISS.

X-ISS is a privately-owned company that specializes in providing management services and analytics solutions for High Performance Computing  cluster systems. They work with customers to integrate, manage, and maintain HPC cluster systems, as well as monitor, report, and deliver analytics that are important to HPC users. These solutions include: ProjectHPC for vendor neutral cluster installation and configuration services; ManagedHPC for full-service remote cluster management services; CloudHPC for helping bring the Cloud elasticity to on-premise clusters; and DecisionHPC for insightful business analytics that allow customers to keep their clusters operating at maximum efficiency.

Bright shares many common technology partners and customers with X-ISS, so the company is a natural fit for our reseller program,” commented Clemens Engler, Director of Alliances at Bright Computing. “In addition to this, we are excited that X-ISS has become one of Bright’s first services partners, to offer our customers support during installation, to help optimize an HPC environment, and to provide valuable training.”

X-ISS, together with Bright Computing, delivers solutions for HPC clusters and keeps them running smoothly, to enable Bright Computing customers to focus on their mission critical work.

Jim Decker, Senior Account Manager at X-ISS commented, “When a customer is looking to increase throughput using HPC, one of the biggest roadblocks is the ability to deploy and manage the cluster. Internal IT and Engineers typically do not have the skill to do so. By partnering with Bright, X-ISS offers a turnkey solution where the HPC complexity is hidden from the customer, so the customer can become productive immediately.”

For many customers across North America, X-ISS is the trusted single point of responsibility for keeping the cluster fully operational, allowing the customer to move forward confidently with their HPC acquisition or growth.

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