Feeding the World: Dell EMC Powers AI at Aerofarms

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In this video from the Dell EMC HPC Community Meeting, Michael Fernandez from Aerofarms describes how the company uses AI technologies to grow better indoor crops.

“24-7, AeroFarms collects millions of data points from farms stacked vertically. Using modern imaging, big data and machine learning, they’re turning everything about a plant into data.”

Feeding an ever-growing global population while conserving valuable natural resources will be one of society’s greatest challenges in the coming years and decades. AeroFarms innovates with commercial-scale indoor farming that disrupts traditional growing seasons — all rooted in proprietary growing systems powered by Dell EMC IoT solutions and expertise that unearth data to drive greater insights and, ultimately, greater yields of tastier crops.

At Aerofarms, every farmer is a data scientist. Every plant is a data point. Making meaningful decisions in agriculture means taking the best technology and harnessing it to make the most meaningful decisions about plant health, growth and yield. Their partnership with Dell and Dell EMC allows them the resources and collaborative partners to implement the right data-driven machinery into their industry-leading processes. They’re able to automate and analyze everything from seed, to package loading at temperature, humidity, airflow, nutrients, light, water, and food safety.

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