Leadership Computing for Europe and the Path to Exascale Computing

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Thomas Schulthess is the Director of CSCS in Switzerland.

In this video from the NVIDIA GPU Conference, Thomas Schulthess from CSCS presents: Leadership Computing for Europe and the Path to Exascale Computing.

“With over 5000 GPU-accelerated nodes, Piz Daint has been Europes leading supercomputing systems since 2013, and is currently one of the most performant and energy efficient supercomputers on the planet. It has been designed to optimize throughput of multiple applications, covering all aspects of the workflow, including data analysis and visualisation. We will discuss ongoing efforts to further integrate these extreme-scale compute and data services with infrastructure services of the cloud. As Tier-0 systems of PRACE, Piz Daint is accessible to all scientists in Europe and worldwide. It provides a baseline for future development of exascale computing. We will present a strategy for developing exascale computing technologies in domains such as weather and climate or materials science.”

Thomas Schulthess is Director of the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) at Manno. As CSCS director, he is also full Professor of computational physics at ETH Zurich. He studied physics at ETH Zurich and earned his doctorate in 1994 with a thesis on surface physics in which he combined experiment and supercomputing simulations. He subsequently continued his research in the US and published around seventy research papers in the best journals of his field. His research interests are focused on magneto electronics, nanoscience, and transition metal oxide materials, as well as the application of ultra-scale computing in these areas.

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