Lustre 2.11.0 Released

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Today OpenSFS announced the release of Lustre 2.11.0, the fastest and most scalable parallel file system. OpenSFS, founded in 2010 to advance Lustre development, is the premier non-profit organization promoting the use of Lustre and advancing its capabilities through coordinated releases of the Lustre file system.

Major Features of Lustre 2.11.0:

  • Data on MDT — The Lustre Data on MDT (DoM) feature improves small file IO by placing small files directly on the MDT. It also improves large file IO by avoiding the OST being affected by small random IO that can cause device seeking and hurt the streaming IO performance (LU-3285)
  • File Level Redundancy – Delayed Resync — Provides a mechanism whereby files can be replicated on multiple OSTs in the same namespace, thus strengthening and improving reliability, availability, and aggregate parallel read performance of the data (LU-9771)
  • Lock Ahead — Enables userspace to request LDLM locks asynchronously thus improving performance for certain workloads (LU-6179)

In related news, slides from the recent Lustre User Group (LUG) conference are now available for download.

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