Nimbix to Host the 2018 HPC Cloud Summit on June 6 in Silicon Valley

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Today HPC Cloud provider Nimbix announced that their 2018 HPC Cloud Summit will take place June 6 in Silicon Valley.

We are bringing together the best and brightest minds in accelerated computing at the Computer History Museum, an institution dedicated to the preservation and celebration of computer history. Event sponsors include: Intel, Lenovo and Mellanox Technologies, Ltd.

A variety of industry professionals will provide thought-provoking insights into a variety of topics including:

  • Advanced Cloud Simulation
  • Deep Learning/AI
  • GPU/FPGA Acceleration in the Cloud
  • Containerized Cloud Workflows

Nimbix CEO, Steve Hebert will open the conference with a keynote on “The New Age of Accelerated Computing”, highlighting the evolution of Moore’s law over the last 25 years and the increasingly important roles GPU and FPGA technology are playing in accelerated cloud computing. Other sessions throughout the day include presentations dedicated to high-performance cloud simulation for the enterprise, AI end-user demonstrations, modern container orchestration for multi-architecture computing and the new JARVICE 3.0 unleashing the power of Hybrid Cloud. We will end with an AI Panel featuring members from Data Monsters,, NVIDIA, and IBM, moderated by Doug Norton of Nimbix.

We are excited to bring speakers from, NVIDIA, PADT, XILINX and the Nimbix team to discuss many industry relevant topics throughout the all-day summit,” comments Nimbix CEO, Steve Hebert. “It will be an enjoyable and informative time for users and developers to interact with technology leaders in discussing real-world use cases for advanced high-performance cloud computing. We look forward to hosting this year’s summit!”

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