R-Systems to Launch PWRS HPC Access Portal

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Today Parallel Works Inc. announced that the company is partnering with R-Systems to launch the PWRS HPC Access Portal. The Portal will empower scientists, engineers, and data analysts with the tools to supercharge their computational studies.

PWRS brings together the versatility of the Parallel Works platform and the performance of the R Systems bare metal, Infiniband interconnected environment, to deliver an on-demand HPC resource that enables faster, cheaper, more creative simulation and design research. Together, these two technologies enable users to push the boundaries of their studies, and provide easy, turnkey access to advanced computational workflows to non-experts.

At R Systems, we are intimately familiar with the goal of achieving maximum speed to minimize time to solution,” said R Systems Principal, Greg Keller. “Our people and clusters quickly move our customers’ vision forward to conquer big challenges.” R Systems Principal, Brian Kucic added, “We deliver flexible solutions to meet our clients’ on-premise, off-premise or Hybrid HPC requirements. Our partnership with Parallel Works increases R Systems’ arsenal of solutions and proves once again that we offer more than cores to our clients.”

With the PWRS HPC Access Portal, customers will have more ways to tap into the power of the R Systems computing infrastructure and optimize their use of the compute resources. With the Parallel Works platform, expert users can create and deploy advanced workflows that seamlessly scale across the RSystems compute infrastructure. This will provide non-programming domain experts with the ability to easily access, manage, and deploy these workflow tools without writing a line of code.

Our mission is to break down the barriers to advanced computing,” said Michael Wilde, a veteran HPC technologist and Parallel Works CEO. “With PWRS, this happens in two ways. Under the hood, Parallel Works’s powerful workflow engine makes parallelization simple, and automates complex dataflow to support and streamline engineering studies. And at the same time, the simple Parallel Works Web user interface makes deploying these advanced workflows across hundreds or thousands of cores on R Systems HPC machines as simple as a few clicks.”

The PWRS solution will officially launch at the upcoming Conference on Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering (CAASE) in June.

The PWRS solution helped to facilitate collaboration across our distributed team,” said Amir Khan, rLoop’s Design and Analysis Team Lead, “It empowered our team to more readily tap into the power of the R Systems compute resources and easily scale some of our most complex studies across an on-demand HPC cluster.”

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