Video: Women and Open Source

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In this video from the Red Hat Summit, Mary Cochran from Red Hat leads a panel discussion on Women in Open Source.

“Women are becoming a driving force in the open source community as the industry becomes more diverse and inclusive. However, a recent study found that only 3% of contributors in open source were women. As a community of women at Red Hat, we want to not only highlight how we contribute, but also inspire others to contribute. In the spirit of diversity, this panel will include women from different departments at Red Hat—including marketing, management, sales, consulting, and engineering—sharing the unique ways we help grow the open source community. Attendees will leave with a greater understanding of how the women at Red Hat are fostering and inspiring the open source community. Additionally, we’ll provide sources of inspiration and resources for Red Hat customers and the Red Hat community to contribute to open source.”


  • Christina Lin, Red Hat
  • Lucy Kerner, Red Hat
  • Mary Cochran, Red Hat
  • Diane Mueller, Red Hat
  • Elizabeth Matusov, Red Hat
  • Laura Abbott, Red Hat

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