Atos Quantum Learning Machine Comes to SURFsara in the Netherlands

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Dutch researchers have a new opportunity to experiment with Quantum Computing with the new Atos Quantum Learning Machine at SURFsara. The Atos Quantum Learning Machine is a complete on-premise quantum simulation environment designed for quantum software developers to generate quantum algorithms. It is dedicated to the development of quantum software, training and experimentation. The Atos Quantum Learning Machine allows researchers, engineers and students to develop and experiment with quantum software.

The first quantum revolution, led in the early twentieth century by young Europeans of the likes of Einstein, Heisenberg and Planck, gave birth over the years to major inventions including the transistor, the laser, MRI and GPS,” said Thierry Breton, CEO and Chairman of Atos. “Today, taking advantage of our expertise in supercomputers and cyber security, we are fully committed to the second quantum revolution that will disrupt all of our clients’ business activities in the coming decades, from medicine to agriculture through finance. For this, we are proud to be able to count on the support of an Advisory Board enriched with the immense knowledge and visionary power of its members. It’s a real collective, human and technological adventure that opens up to us.

The overall objective for SURFsara of the Open Innovation Lab project is to support Dutch researchers in taking an early and competitive advantage in quantum computing technologies and facilities.

SURFsara is making in close collaboration with Atos the QLM30 platform available for SURF researchers and the SURF user community to experiment with quantum programming. If you are interested in receiving more information about the Atos QLM30 platform at SURFsara, or if you would like to get access to the platform, please contact us via Damian Podareanu:

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