Collaborating for Innovation in the Dell EMC HPC Community

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Adnan Khaleel is a Global HPC Strategist at Dell EMC.

In this video from the Dell EMC HPC Community Meeting, Adnan Khaleel from Dell EMC describes how the company works with partners to deliver high performance solutions.

​”The Dell EMC HPC Community is a worldwide technical forum that fosters the exchange of ideas among researchers, computer scientists, technologists, and engineers and promotes the advancement of innovative, powerful HPC solutions. Dell EMC customers, staff, and partners are invited to become members and to attend this exclusive workshop featuring insightful keynote presentations by HPC experts, as well as valuable technical sessions and discussions.”


insideHPC: Why does Dell go to all this time, and expense, and effort to bring the HPC community together?

Adnan Khaleel: It’s an amazing time for all of us to see our customers, our partners, everybody in one place. We get to hear about things all at the same time from so many different angles of what our customers are doing and what our partners are doing. But for our customers, I think, the primary value is they get to mingle with the partners, with our engineers, with our product people all in one place. And we have tracks where we talk about what the new products that are coming down the road. But it’s really the conversations that we have in the corridors and the in mixers where they learn a lot of how we do our future planning, how we can work together, how we can collaborate not just with Dell EMC, but even amongst themselves. So I think that’s why the community has been growing over the past couple of years.

insideHPC: I was going to ask you, what is the key to success then when you’re trying to grow a community like this?

Adnan Khaleel: Oh, I think the key is you have to keep them engaged with things that they need. And what the planning committee has been doing a really good job is soliciting feedback and trying to get that incorporated into our whole agenda. What sort of topics do they like? One of the things that comes up very often is they want to see more technical content on benchmarking and performance characterization from the innovation lab. And so we’ve got some of our experts giving talks on that and the people love that. In fact, the feedback has consistently been, “Why don’t we just do three days worth of performance characterization discussions?” Which I think will be very interesting.

insideHPC: What’s the call to action for folks that might be interested in attending one of these meetings? What would you say?

Adnan Khaleel: I’d probably say two things. One, make sure that you register and come and attend the event, right? Because I think it is the community that makes it a success. The second thing is, I’d really like to hear from the community in terms of what sort of topics they would like to see in addition to what we’re doing already. What we really need is the community to tell us what we’re doing well and what they’d like to see more of.

The next Dell EMC HPC Community Meeting takes place June 24 in Frankfurt at ISC 2018

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