Energy Efficiency and Water-Cool-Technology Innovations at Lenovo

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In this video from the 2018 Swiss HPC Conference, Karsten Kutzer from Lenovo presents: Energy Efficiency and Water-Cool-Technology Innovations.

“This session will discuss why water cooling is becoming more and more important for HPC data centers, Lenovo’s series of innovations in the area of direct water-cooled systems, and ways to re-use “waste heat” created by HPC systems.”

Karsten Kutzer is a Senior Sales Engineer for High Performance Computing at Lenovo. He has been working as HPC systems architect at Lenovo since 2015, with a history in HPC of more than 17 years. He is working on HPC projects for large HPC centers in Germany, with increased focus on direct water-cooled systems and in close collaboration with Lenovo systems development. His second focus area, in HPC and other applications, is Parallel File Systems.

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