Inside the Volta GPU Architecture and CUDA 9

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In this video from the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference, Axel Koehler presents: Inside the Volta GPU Architecture and CUDA 9.

“This presentation will give an overview about the new NVIDIA Volta GPU architecture and the latest CUDA 9 release. The NVIDIA Volta architecture powers the worlds most advanced data center GPU for AI, HPC, and Graphics. Volta features a new Streaming Multiprocessor (SM) architecture and includes enhanced features like NVLINK2 and the Multi-Process Service (MPS) that delivers major improvements in performance, energy efficiency, and ease of programmability. New features like Independent Thread Scheduling and the Tensor Cores enable Volta to simultaneously deliver the fastest and most accessible performance. CUDA is NVIDIA”s parallel computing platform and programming model. You”ll learn about new programming model enhancements and performance improvements in the latest CUDA9 release.”

Axel Koehler is a solution architect for HPC at NVIDIA. He has been with NVIDIA since January 2011. Prior to NVIDIA Axel worked at Sun Microsystems for 14 years in the global HPC team as lead architect and was responsible for the architecture and the design of large HPC cluster installations.

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