Intel Stratix FPGAs Power Innovation for the Dell HPC Community

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In this video from the Dell EMC HPC Community Meeting, Chris Branch from Intel describes how FPGAs deliver speed and efficiency for technical computing. The two companies are working together to bring new FPGA solutions to market.

“With ​ever-changing ​​workloads​ ​and​ ​evolving​ ​standards,​ ​how ​do​ ​you​ ​maximize performance ​while ​​minimizing​ ​power​ ​consumption in your data center? Learn how Intel Xeon CPUs with FPGAs and other Intel FPGA-based acceleration platforms get the job done.”

Intel FPGA-based acceleration platforms include PCIe*-based programmable acceleration cards, socket-based server platforms with integrated FPGAs, and others that are supported by the Acceleration Stack for Intel Xeon CPU with FPGAs. Intel platforms are qualified, validated, and deployed through Dell EMC. 

Dell EMC continues to be committed to delivering technology that helps our customers transform their business and IT. With this collaboration, Dell EMC and Intel are combining a reliable platform with an emerging software ecosystem that provides a new technology capability for customers to unlock their business potential.”

The next Dell EMC HPC Community Meeting takes place June 24 in Frankfurt at ISC 2018

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