Opin Kerfi and UberCloud team up for Engineering Software as a Service

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Today Opin Kerfi in Iceland announced a partnership with The Ubercloud to enable customers to gain instant access to world-leading engineering simulation capabilities through Software as a Service.

This partnership and portfolio expansion is not only valuable to current customers but also appeals to a much wider spectrum of prospects as a subscription-based and managed approach is commonly preferred by both small and large businesses. Customers can use this extra capacity to research, design, experiment and simulate as fast as they need, when they need it.

Since 1985, Opin Kerfi has offered IT services and solutions to domestic and international customers, providing substantial financial benefits due to the green, low-cost energy grid especially to high-performance computing users. Previously offering co-location and dedicated services, Opin Kerfi now offer completely subscription-based cloud- and Software-as-a-Service solutions through the link to UberCloud, who makes it easy for engineers to run sophisticated software from ANSYS, Dassault Systèmes, SIEMENS and more on powerful cloud hardware using UberCloud’s unique HPC container technology.

Computer Aided Engineering simulation, product research, design and testing has been transformed by the power of supercomputing and the virtual laboratory. Opin Kerfi and UberCloud are looking forward to empowering businesses accelerate their time to market with this new HPC cloud solution based in optimal environmental conditions in Iceland.

Both Opin Kerfi and UberCloud are attending the ISC 2018 conference in Frankfurt on June 24 – 28. Opin Kerfi are leading a team from Iceland to promote the country as a datacenter location where UberCloud’s solutions will be demonstrated as part of the offering.

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