Optimized HPC-AI cloud with OpenStack acceleration service and composable hardware

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Shuquan Huange from 99Cloud

In this video, Shuquan Huang from 99Cloud presents: Optimized HPC-AI cloud with OpenStack acceleration service and composable hardware.

“Today data scientist is turning to cloud for AI and HPC workloads. However, AI/HPC applications require high computational throughput where generic cloud resources would not suffice. There is a strong demand for OpenStack to support hardware accelerated devices in a dynamic model. In this session, we will introduce OpenStack Acceleration Service – Cyborg, which provides a management framework for accelerator devices (e.g. FPGA, GPU, NVMe SSD). We will also discuss Rack Scale Design (RSD) technology and explain how physical hardware resources can be dynamically aggregated to meet the AI/HPC requirements. The ability to “compose on the fly” with workload-optimized hardware and accelerator devices through an API allow data center managers to manage these resources in an efficient automated manner. We will also introduce an enhanced telemetry solution with Gnnochi, bandwidth discovery and smart scheduling, by leveraging RSD technology, for efficient workloads management in HPC/AI cloud.”

Established in 2012, 99Cloud Inc. is China’s leading professional OpenStack service provider dedicated to solve the last mile problems for enterprises in OpenStack adoption. 99Cloud is a corporate member of the OpenStack Foundation and ranked Top 10 in OpenStack Community code contribution in the last two years, focusing on projects that included Horizon, Murano, Tacker, Kolla, Trove, Tempest and Gnocchi etc., all ranking Top 10 worldwide. 99Cloud Inc. is China’s largest OpenStack training institution, and one of the first COA training partners of the OpenStack Foundation.

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