Podcast: Bill Magro on Intel Select Solutions for Simulation & Modeling

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Bill Magro from Intel

In this Chip Chat Podcast, Dr. Bill Magro describes Intel Select Solutions for Simulation & Modeling.

“Dr. Magro works on Intel’s HPC strategy, helping customers overcome their challenges with HPC and driving new capabilities back into the product road map. In this interview, Dr. Magro discusses the evolution of HPC and how HPC’s scope has grown to incorporate workloads like AI and advanced analytics. Dr. Magro then focuses on Intel Select Solutions for Simulation & Modeling and how they are lowering costs and enabling more customers to take advantage of HPC.”

Intel Select Solutions help you quickly and more easily optimize HPC cluster performance for simulation and modeling. Simulation and modeling applications, including computer-aided engineering (CAE) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), are designed to run on scalable, high-performance clusters. To support those applications at scale, modern high-performance computing systems require multi-core processors, high-bandwidth fabrics, and broad input/output (I/O) capabilities. Because of the complexity and variety of technologies available on the market, assembling an HPC system can be time consuming, requiring additional effort for research, evaluation, and deployment. In addition, integration and configuration of selected components can impact the performance of the solution.

The level of expertise required to properly configure the combined solution can intimidate small and medium organizations. Even larger enterprises considering the benefits of HPC clusters must weigh the time and effort it takes to ramp up capabilities. These barriers slow down adoption of HPC clusters even though the return on the investment (ROI) can be significant.

Intel Select Solutions for Simulation and Modeling provide a fast path for purchasing and deploying a cluster for simulation and modeling workloads.

Intel Select Solutions for Simulation and Modeling consist of a pre-validated selection of components designed to meet the demands of HPC applications and workflows. These systems provide the capabilities and agility needed to support a range of different workloads and reduce or eliminate the need for multiple single-purpose systems. In addition, the performance of key system characteristics are verified for Intel Select Solutions for Simulation and Modeling at both the node and cluster level. Intel Select Solutions for Simulation and Modeling take the guesswork out of buying and deploying, and they put the focus squarely where it needs

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