Quantum Computing in China: Progress on a Superconducting Multi-Qubits System

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In this video from the HPC User Forum in Tucson, Dr. Xiaobo Zhu from the Division of Quantum Physics and Quantum Information at China’s University of Science and Technology presents: Progress on Superconducting Multi-Qubits System.

“CAS-Alibaba Quantum Computing Laboratory introduces quantum technology into computing sciences, aiming to manufacture high-speed quantum computers, and propelling quantum revolution in the computing world. This research has resulted in a Quantum Computing Cloud powered by a quantum processor which includes 11 superconducting qubits. This superconducting quantum chip works at extreme temperatures as low as 10mk (or -273.14℃).”

Download the paper: “Coherent Coupling between a Superconducting Qubit and a Spin Ensemble”

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