Rescale announces new hybrid innovations to its HPC cloud platform

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Today Rescale announced new hybrid cloud innovations to enable organizations to extend their fixed on-premise high performance computing systems to the cloud. The majority of the HPC market is highly invested in on-premise infrastructure. However, leading organizations are benefiting from the flexibility, scalability and rapid innovation of the cloud

Modern enterprises are looking to extend their on-premise HPC and supercomputing systems to take advantage of the immediate cost benefits and price performance the cloud offers. Rescale gives customers an easy, software-only path into high performance cloud computing environments. Industries of all types are going through digital transformation. For many, a hybrid or public cloud strategy is the cornerstone of this disruption.

Rescale is at the forefront of cloud innovation in the HPC space,” said Steve Conway, senior vice president, Hyperion Research. “Rescale provides access to multiple cloud providers to help organizations run their jobs in the best environment for them. Rescale’s new hybrid capabilities provide an entry point for companies to start their cloud transformation journey.”

To help organizations extend their on-premise HPC to the cloud, Rescale released the following new innovations:

On-Demand Allocation of Resources:

  • Access to software and hardware on-demand
  • Instantly scale hardware and software resources based on immediate user and job requirements
  • Rapid provisioning and allocation of cluster resources in minutes
  • Pay-per-use options for hardware and software
  • Recommends the best architecture for each job based on workload

Usage Visibility and Cost Controls:

  • Turnkey administration to track usage
  • Cost controls to see usage
  • Simplifies billing and budgeting
  • Programmatically obtain the most cost-effective configurations based on workload

Single Point of Secure Multi-Cloud Management:

  • Hybrid cloud with on-premise support
  • Multi-cloud environment
  • Access the latest architectures with no wait
  • Instant enterprise administration
  • Strict security and compliance
  • Optimized on-premise and cloud allocation
  • HPC systems externally accessible
  • 250+ applications ported and tuned

I started my career in HPC over 25 years ago and I joined Rescale because we are leading the transformation of the HPC market,” said Gabriel Broner, Vice President and General Manager, Rescale. “Rescale is empowering customers to realize the promise of the cloud and we are helping customers transition at their own pace. Our new capabilities allow organizations to reduce capital expenditures, pay for what they need, reduce simulation time and improve time to market.”

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