ThinkparQ Teams with QCT to Demonstrate BeeGFS

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Today ThinkParQ announced that the company is working with Quanta Cloud Technology on a prototype HPC system to demonstrate the power of their combined technologies.

Utilizing BeeGFS with its ease of use, maximum scalability and flexibility such as BeeGFS on demand (BeeOND), buddy mirroring or the newly introduced storage pool concept, this demo environment provides a maximum flexibility for various customers cases to prove the value of a combined QCT and ThinkParQ solution,” said Frank Herold, CEO of ThinkParQ.

The plan is to exhibit a running system consisting of up to five servers:

  • QCT’S core server model QuantaGrid D52BQ-2U will be used for demonstration of BeeGFS on QCT hardware. This server qualifies itself utilizing its tool-less 2.5”/3.5” HDDs or SDDs, up to 5x PCIe expansion slots in a 1U chassis, ultimate computing capability and storage density.
  • This main model works with an Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Family inside and is capable to handle 2x FLOPs peak performance with up to 112 threads per server. For easy monitoring QCT offers an own intuitive data center management system (QSM) via integration with industry standard RESTful API and Intel RSD.

QCT’s QxSmart HPC/DL reference architecture perfectly fits any HPC or DL challenge or when it comes down to storage requirement either metadata or object storage QCT’s server model QuantaGrid D52BQ-2U is the perfect choice. There are multiple storage configurations possible including optional NVMe tier, HBA pass-through, legacy MegaRAID with cache backup solutions tailored for diversified software-defined workloads. Moreover, this model provides flexible I/O options, including a variety of SAS mezz and OCP NIC/ PHY mezz options, so users avoid the extra expense of unnecessary LOM or RAID controllers.

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