Video: Speed Your Code with Intel Parallel Studio XE

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In this video, Intel describes how Parallel Studio XE helps programmers to write faster parallel code.

Computing is evolving faster than ever, while businesses transform how they process their data, consuming ever more flops. So today’s developers face many challenges. Applications must solve more complex problems, speed machine learning, optimize algorithms, run ever larger simulations, and 1,000 other software tasks that turn data into results and competitive insights. As a developer, you want it faster and scalable, and you need to do more complex development work in the same amount of time. But modern processors perform their best with parallel code that’s both vectorized and threaded, which can run more than 100 times faster more than serial code. So how can you accomplish this more easily through parallel programming? Enter Parallel Studio XE, a suite of tools that simplifies and speeds the design, building, tuning, and scaling of applications with the latest code modernization methods.

Parallel Studio XE speeds the design process with vectorized, threaded, and optimized libraries for math processing, data analytics, data compression, image and signal processing, cryptography, and much more, making it one of the easiest ways to get faster code. With its data-based approach, parallel studio helps developers identify, model, and implement optimizations. Quickly test multiple threading designs for best performance without disrupting your development.

The Fast Track to Parallel

Intel C, C++, and Fortran compilers provide vectorization and threading built right in. Want even faster code? Parallel Studio analysis tools help you tune the serial and parallel performance on the CPU and for threading, memory, cache, and storage.

To help you find bottlenecks and constraints, Parallel Studio XE includes a roofline analysis feature finds the best loops for improvement so you can focus on the areas with the biggest performance pay off.

Employ New Memory Hierachies to Boost Performance

Parallel Studio also helps you diagnose memory issues and difficult threading issues like deadlocks and race conditions before you shape your product. Developers using persistent memory technology can detect cache flush errors.

Ready to Scale

Moving to cluster or cloud computing? You’ll get the benefits of scalability and reliability for your applications across multiple platforms, high-performance clusters, and the cloud with shared and distributed memory performance tools and libraries for MPI. And at each stage, Intel priority support is there to help with confidential, personal, technical consulting.

Life’s too short for slow, inefficient code. Deliver high performance with Intel Parallel Studio XE. Learn more.