Accelerate Your Applications: CesgaHack returns to Spain in September

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The CesgaHack returns in September to help scientists to accelerate their applications.

The Galicia Supercomputing Center (CESGA) and Appentra Solutions will host the third edition of the hackathon at the Galicia Supercomputing Center, in Santiago de Compostela, from 24th to 28th September 2018.

CESGAHack 3 will help scientists and application developers to answer more scientific question by speeding up their application runtime and also reducing how long they spend coding the improved runtime. Participants get access to the Finis Terrae II supercomputer at CESGA and a team of mentors that are experts in the optimization, parallelization and execution of HPC applications. Participants will also get to use Appentra’s Parallelware Trainer to speed up their development lifecycle by being able to quickly identify real opportunities to parallelize their application.

Previous events have resulted in significant successes for the participating teams, including the EDANYA team working on a model for tsunami predictions at the University of Málaga, who went on to win the NVIDIA Global Impact Award.

Registration is due August 5, 2018, and participation is free.

CESGA and Appentra encourage scientific projects to participate and obtain the individualized training that this unique environment provides, helping to move forward your development and save time in your software application runtime.

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