Cray Sets the Stage for Exascale at ISC 2018

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In this video from ISC 2018, Cray CTO Steve Scott describes how the company is moving towards providing Exascale computing capabilities for scientists and engineers worldwide.

It takes many years and many generations of technology developments to be a successful supercomputing provider. With every Cray system, you get the benefit of decades of supercomputing experience. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of supercomputer, storage, data analytics and AI solutions for a range of budgets. All hardware and software is integrated, and every solution comes with the assurance of Cray support.”

As Steve writes on the Cray blog: “Much of the focus and discussion over the past decade has been around “exascale” computing (achieving 10^18 operations per second), but of course there’s nothing magical about exascale; it’s just one point along a continuum. Nor is the quest for greater computing performance about bragging rights (though there will certainly be plenty of that as we cross the exascale boundary); it’s about scientific advancement, industrial competitiveness and national security.”

Though not of immediate concern, the rise of artificial intelligence may turn out to be the most transformative technology in the current century. AI promises to provide incredible benefits to humanity, as it is increasingly applied to a wide variety of subjects to solve difficult problems and improve outcomes in science, medicine, energy, transportation, security and public welfare. But as AI potentially reaches and surpasses general human intelligence, it may become incredibly powerful. It will be critical for governments and scientists worldwide to carefully monitor the progress of AI, take steps to ensure that its capabilities are applied for good, and put appropriate measures in place to avoid catastrophic outcomes.”

At ISC 2018, Cray announcements included:

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