One Stop Systems Showcases Composable Infrastructure for GPU Workloads at ISC 2018

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In this video from ISC 2018, Jaan Mannik from One Stop Systems describes the company’s HPC systems and new composable infrastructure solutions. OneStop also showcased a wide array of its high-density NVIDIA GPU-based appliances, as well as showcase a live remote connection to one of its machine learning and HPC platforms.

OSS leads the market in external systems that increase a server’s performance in HPC applications, reducing cost and impact on data center infrastructure. These technology-hungry applications include AI (artificial intelligence), deep learning, seismic exploration, financial modeling, media and entertainment, security and defense. While many of these applications can run on a single HPC server, the highest end applications require a rack-scale deployment of HPC servers.

The GPUltima-CI is a cutting-edge, flexible high-power computing solution for mixed workload data centers. This flexibility serves as an invaluable solution to many HPC applications such as AI, deep learning, image processing and scientific modeling. GPUltima-CI makes the data center workload-centric, where the hardware truly adapts to the needs of applications, rather than applications trying to adapt to limited hardware.

All of One Stop Systems’ GPU appliances are available with the latest NVIDIA Tesla Tensor Core GPUs.

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