What would you do with a Million cores?

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Ian Colle from AWS

In this video from the Univa Breakfast Briefing at ISC 2018, Ian Colle from AWS describes what’s new at Amazon Web Services for HPC.

To demonstrate the unique ability to run very large enterprise HPC clusters and workloads, Univa leveraged AWS to deploy 1,015,022 cores in a single Univa Grid Engine cluster to showcase the advantages of running large-scale electronic design automation (EDA) workloads in the cloud. The cluster was built in approximately 2.5 hours using Navops Launch automation and comprised more than 55,000 AWS instances in 3 availability zones, 16 different instance types and leveraged AWS Spot Fleet technology to maximize the rate at which Amazon EC2 hosts were launched while enabling capacity and costs to be managed according to policy.

Ian Colle joined AWS as the General Manager for AWS Batch and HPC in November 2017. Prior to AWS, he served as the Global Director of Software Engineering for the Ceph Storage team at Red Hat. Mr. Colle joined Red Hat in April 2014 via the Inktank acquisition, where he held a similar role. Prior to Inktank, he was the Exascale Storage I/O Program Manager at Intel, which he joined as part of the Whamcloud acquisition. Prior to Whamcloud, Mr. Colle spent several years in a variety of software engineering leadership positions throughout the aerospace industry. Mr. Colle has served in the US Navy and Navy Reserve for over 25 years as an Intelligence Officer and Russian Linguist. He holds a BA Economics from the University of Illinois, MCIS & MTEL from University of Denver, MA Philosophy from Denver Seminary, and MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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