Podcast: Bringing Complex Data To Life with Intel Select Solutions

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In this Chip Chat podcast, Jim Jeffers from Intel describes his team’s three important open source libraries for data center rendering that deliver rasterization and ray tracing with high performance on Intel Xeon processors. Jim discusses the new Intel Select Solutions for Professional Visualization that package up key software capabilities with the power of high performance computing to provide stunning visualizations.

Improve the visual fidelity, management, and efficiency of visualization solutions with this open source initiative from Intel and its partners. Support big data use on supercomputing clusters without the memory limits and cost of GPU-based solutions and unlock the parallelism already in your system. A preconfigured solution—the Software Defined Visualization (SDVis) Appliance—offers in-situ, postprocessing, and professional rendering of visualization tasks.

In this video from ISC 2018, Jim Jeffers from Intel describes the new Intel Select Solution for Professional Visualization.

Jim Jeffers is a Principal Engineer and Engineering Manager at Intel Corporation. Jim joined Intel in 2008 to focus on many-core parallel computing and Intel Xeon Phi product family development. Jim has over 25 years software design and technical leadership experience for high performance computing, visual computing, digital television, and data communications. His prior work includes high performance graphics device driver development, contributions to Microsoft’s DirectX design, video streaming and conferencing products, and development of the virtual image insertion television technology behind American football’s “Electronic First Down Line”.  Jim currently leads Intel’s technical computing visualization team. Jim has 3 granted US patents.

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