Podcast: Enabling Developers for the Persistent Memory Revolution

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Jennifer Huffstetler is Vice President and General Manager for Data Center Product Marketing, Product Management, and Storage at Intel Corporation

In this Chip Chat podcast, Jennifer Huffstetler describes developer and industry excitement for Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory. Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory represents a rare opportunity to re-architect the storage hierarchy by bringing affordable, high-capacity memory closer to the CPU, accelerating workloads and speeding the delivery of applications.

In this interview, Huffstetler speaks to the key benefits that Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory will deliver to end users and how Intel is working to support the development community to enable best use of this groundbreaking technology. Resources for Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory now have reached more than 100,000 developers and see more than 10,000 developer users each month. Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory will be available for first access by the end of 2018.

According to Intel, the new platform will deliver 9x more read transactions (ops/sec) and 11x more users per system vs. comparable server system with DRAM and NAND NVMe drives when using Apache Cassandra-4.0 results have been estimated based on tests conducted on pre-production systems, and provided to you for informational purposes.

In this video, Intel’s Andy Rudoff describes persistent memory and delves into why there’s so much activity around it in the industry lately. Andy describes how persistent memory is connected to a computer platform, how it performs, and what are some of the challenges for programmers. Andy is a Non-volatile Memory Software Architect and a member of the SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) Non-volatile Memory Programming Technical Work Group.

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