Video: Accelerated Any-Scale Ai Solutions from DDN

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James Coomer from DDN

In this video from the DDN User Group at ISC 2018, James Coomer from DDN presents: A3I – Accelerated Any-Scale Solutions from DDN.

Engineered from the ground up for the AI-enabled data center, DDN’s A3I solutions are fully optimized to handle the spectrum of AI and DL activities concurrently: data ingest and preparation, training, validation, and inference. The DDN A3I platform is easy to deploy and manage, highly scalable in both performance and capacity, and represents a highly efficient and resilient solution for all of your current and future AI requirements.”

Today, AI and DL are creating the toughest workloads in modern computing history. At the same time, they pose exceptional challenges and put significant strain on the underlying I/O, storage, compute and network. An AI-enabled datacenter must be able to concurrently and efficiently service the entire spectrum of activities involved in the AI and DL process, including data ingest, training and inference.

In order for GPUs to fulfill their promise of acceleration, data must be processed and delivered to the underlying AI applications with great speed, scalability and consistently low latencies. This requires a parallel I/O storage platform for performance scalability and real time data delivery and flash media for speed.

Without the right data storage platform, a GPU-based computing platform is just as bottlenecked and ineffectual as an antiquated non-AI-enabled datacenter. The proper selection of the data storage platform and its efficient integration in the datacenter infrastructure are key to eliminating AI bottlenecks and truly accelerating time to insight.

The right data storage system must deliver high throughput, high IOPS and high concurrency in order to prevent idling of precious GPU cycles. It must be flexible and scalable in implementation and enable efficient handling of a wide breadth of data sizes and types, including highly concurrent random streaming, a typical DL dataset attribute. Properly selected and implemented, such a data storage system will deliver the full potential of GPU computing platforms, accelerate time to insight at any scale, effortlessly handle every stage of the AI and DL process, and do so reliably, efficiently and cost effectively.

For 20 years, DDN has designed, implemented, and optimized solutions that enable organizations to generate value and accelerate time to insight from their data, both on premise and in the cloud. DDN has successfully deployed data-at-scale systems across all areas of AI and DL, from autonomous vehicles to data security and fraud detection, augmented reality and healthcare, personalized marketing and natural language processing.

DDN storage solutions are continuously tested and optimized with AI applications, network topologies and various GPUs, thereby boosting the performance of data fulfillment from storage-to-GPU and GPU-to-GPU, both critical elements for AI and DL.

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