Agenda Posted: ARM Research Summit Sept. 17-19

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The ARM Research Summit has posted their Speaker List and Meeting Agenda. Livestreaming from event in U.K. will start on Sept. 17, 2018.

At the Arm Research Summit, academics, researchers and industry experts meet to discuss the latest developments in computing research and practical computing challenges. This year, we invite you to explore issues around creating a truly connected world, including the social, cultural and economic impact of a reality where over one trillion devices are seamlessly linked.

Topics include:

  • Arm, What’s Next?
  • Empathy and Insight in New Technology Thinking
  • Parallel Support Cores for Performance and Reliability
  • Fast and Correct Floating-Point Addition with High-Precision
  • Anchored Numbers Run-Time Reconfigurable CPU Interlays for Building Flexible ARM SoCs
  • Blasting Through The Front-End Bottleneck With Shotgun
  • Role of Technology in the Pedagogy behind Engineering Education
  • Hardware support for ACID Transactions in Persistent Memory Systems
  • Architectural Techniques to Build Energy-Efficient Brain Implants
  • SpiNNaker2: An Energy efficient real-time neuromorphic compute system in 22FDX technology
  • Solving the DRAM Scaling Challenge
  • Performance and Power Consumption Analysis of ARM Scalable Vector Extension
  • Exploring the ARMv8 Processor Architecture for HPC Applications
  • Cost Modeling for Vectorization on Arm
  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Acceleration Beyond GPUs Isambard: tales from the world’s first Arm-based production supercomputer
  • Performance of Met Office Weather and Climate Codes on Cavium ThunderX2 Processors Run-time Power and Energy Management of Many-Core Systems
  • Arm Research Collaborations: Fueling Innovation

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