Erik Brynjolfsson from MIT to Keynote SC18

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Erik Brynjolfsson from MIT will deliver the SC18 keynote address.

Today the SC18 conference announced that Erik Brynjolfsson from MIT will deliver the keynote address on Tuesday, Nov. 13 in Dallas.

We set out to inspire our attendees with the most compelling thought leaders,” said SC18 General Chair Ralph McEldowney. “Erik’s insights and perspectives will make a weighty centerpiece for the SC18 experience. We are thrilled to welcome such an agile thinker and astute articulator of complex landscapes to our keynote stage,” McEldowney said.

Your organizational playbook is being rewritten by radically shifting environments. The only question: Will you be the disruptor or the disrupted? The SC18 Keynote promises help.

Erik Brynjolfsson of MIT will explore the seismic changes being brought about in societies, economies, and organizations by three primary elements of the machine age: Machines are now transforming the role of human decision-making, digital platforms allow products and services of others to be sold and brokered, and there’s a proliferation of an almost-magical effectiveness for obtaining ideas from the general public–the crowd–rather than from the experts at the core of the business.

We are in the early stages of not one, but three revolutions,” said Brynjolfsson. “Decisions shift from minds to machines. Profits are generated by platforms not just products. And insights created by a broader crowd, not just a narrow core of experts. The future belongs to the leaders who understand and harness this triple revolution.”

Brynjolfsson will share the latest research on the effects of digital platforms and a limitless abundance of data to paint a full picture of the “new economy,” and how to harness its power rather than be sunk by change. He believes even the savviest leaders still underestimate the radical speed of change ahead, and explores how leaders can escape outdated assumptions, processes and strategies to effectively meet the challenges to come.

Brynjolfsson currently serves as Director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy. His research draws on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, and HPC and also examines the effects of information technologies on business strategy, productivity and performance, digital commerce, and intangible assets. He teaches MIT courses on the Economics of Information and the Analytics Lab.

His research has appeared in leading economics, management, and science journals and has been recognized with 10 Best Paper awards and five patents. He is author of several books including, with co-author Andrew McAfee, NY Times best-seller “The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies” (Norton, January 2016) and “Machine, Platform, Crowd: Harnessing Our Digital Future” (Norton, June 2017). He also edits SSRN’s Information System Network, and has served on the editorial boards of numerous academic journals. He holds degrees from Harvard and MIT and has taught at Harvard and Stanford.

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