Exascale Update from Hyperion Research

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In this video from the HPC User Forum in Detroit, Bob Sorensen from Hyperion Research presents: Exascale Update. As a research firm, Hyperion is tracking the development of Exascale supercomputers worldwide.

The four geographies actively developing Exascale machines are: USA, China, Europe, and Japan. While it is important to emphasize that this is not a race, the first machine to achieve Exascale in terms of sustained LINPACK should be the A21 Aurora system at Argonne in 2021. It will be followed soon after by machines from all the other active projects.

Bob Sorensen helps drive research and consulting efforts in the United States, European, and Asian-Pacific markets for technical servers, supercomputers, clouds, and high performance data analysis. He advises a diverse and international client base on the global HPC sector’s status and prospects through strategic research projects, single and multinational government studies, international competitive research analysis, and technical trends analysis in HPC hardware, software, and infrastructure worldwide.

Specifically, Mr. Sorensen focuses on:

  • Processor and storage technologies
  • U.S. Government
  • Exascale developments
  • Quantum computing/future technologies
  • Cyber security

The next HPC User Forum takes place Oct. 1-2, 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany.

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