HPC Cloud Drives Innovation & Accelerates Time to Results

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HPC cloud

High performance computing is about solving the world’s most complex problems. For too long, however, HPC applications and workloads have been constrained by limited on-premises infrastructure capacity, high capital expenditures and the constant need for technology refreshes. But there may be an answer: HPC cloud.

HPC cloud

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That’s according to a new infographic report from Intel and AWS, that explores how to boost HPC innovation by moving workloads to the cloud; in this case, to AWS. 

The report points out that Amazon Web Services provides “secure, resizable capacity” in the cloud, and also offers a variety of Intel Xeon powered instance types.

Further, AWS’ large partner network provides professional services and software solutions to enhance HPC cloud workloads.

According to the report, hundreds of companies in life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, energy and geo sciences, media and entertainment are solving complex challenges and speeding up time to results using HPC on AWS.

The infographic offers five reasons why Amazon Web Services may be right for your business, including:

Drive innovation with flexible architectures: AWS can enable researchers and scientists to access capacity when they need it by moving to AWS.

Accelerate time to results: According to the new report, AWS can help enterprises develop HPC apps faster, and scale capacity quickly to avoid issues caused by resource limitations.

Collaborate securely around the world: AWS enables businesses to share massive amounts of date volumes securely, and protect intellectual property with encryption and granular permissions.

Unleash creativity and productivity: HPC cloud workloads make it easier to start resource-intensive jobs as soon as they are ready, as well as spin up new configurations to match the specific requirements of each job.

Minimize spending without compromising research: Organizations can choose from a range of AWS services and Intel powered EC2 instances, and only pay for what they use.

The full report, available here, goes into more detail on these five benefits of HPC cloud workloads with AWS, as well as specific challenges and solutions associated with each.

HPC allows scientists and engineers to solve complex, compute-intensive problems. But HPC apps require high network performance, fast storage, large amounts of memory, and high compute capabilities. Ultimately, AWS can help organizations to ramp up the speed of research and reduce time-to-results by running HPC in the cloud.

Download the full report, “Five Reasons to Run Your HPC Applications in the Cloud,” to further explore the benefits of HPC cloud workloads and AWS. 


  1. Lawrence Smith says

    This is just NOT true. Tell somebody doing mpi barrier syncs accros thousands of cores … latency will kill you. Also IO is NOT the same…. these guys are just nuts.