Learn to Code for Parallel HPC with Appentra Parallelware Trainer 1.0

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Today Appentra Solutions released their newest HPC training assistance tool, Parallelware Trainer 1.0, an interactive learning environment where users can learn how to parallelize while interacting with real code. For educators, the tool provides the ability to enhance traditional lecture-based training by allowing learners to apply their knowledge in real-time.

Appentra’s goal has always been to minimize and eventually remove the parallel software development barrier, democratizing access to HPC and making parallel computing easier for everyone. With the release of Parallelware Trainer 1.0 we bring this one step closer.

Parallelware Trainer uses the core Parallelware Technology, a unique hierarchical analysis engine developed by Appentra, that understands where and how to parallelize code.

What can Parallelware Trainer do for you?

  • Identifies opportunities for parallelism in real applications
  • Shows you what your options are for parallelizing a specific code region, providing a ranked list of options to try
  • Aids you in adding syntactically and semantically correct OpenMP (for shared memory parallelism) and OpenACC (for accelerator offloading) directives
  • Speeds up benchmarking to identify the most efficient parallelization techniques, including combinations of techniques and variations within specific directives, providing the learner with quick, real-time comparisons of the different approaches to parallelizing the same code in different ways.
  • Helps you understand why certain directives work in specific situations and not in others, including understanding data scoping and how performance is impacted by different choices of directives

What’s new in 1.0 version?

  • Multi-platform: Parallelware Trainer is now available on Linux, Windows and MacOS.
  • A new user-friendly interface focuses on usability and simplicity ensuring you spend all your time learning about parallel programming.
  • Use your own code! Parallelware Trainer 1.0 allows you to use any existing code project, from single files, to complex multi-directory software projects. This ensures that you learn what is most important for your software and use your learning time to improve your code performance.
  • Improved integration with user-defined workflows: use your own unique/bespoke compilation and execution commands while still learning how and where to parallelize by utilizing the power of the Parallelware Technology to analyze your code.
  • Simplified licensing: no-one likes complicated license installation processes! Parallelware Trainer removes the pain. Simply download a license and Parallelware Trainer will do the rest of the work for you.
  • Built-in version control: the Version Manager allows you to keep track of all of the different parallel implementations, as well as the original code, that you generate as you learn. Restore and benchmark any of the versions to understand the performance improvements for each type of parallelism you introduce.
  • Work on multiple projects: the Project Explorer allows you to have multiple different projects open at any time. Parallelware Trainer also remembers the state you left the project in last time you closed it, so you can recover all the different versions of the code!

Appentra is a software company with one aim: to make parallel programming easier, enabling everyone to make the best use of parallel computing hardware from the multi-cores in a laptop to the fastest supercomputers.

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