Radio Free HPC Talks to Brent Gorda on the Future of ARM HPC

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In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team catches up with Brent Gorda to discuss the future of ARM in HPC.

Brent Gorda leads the HPC business for Arm. Prior to this recent role, he spent a year consulting (HPC/Quantum/AI) and advising startup CEO’s in Silicon Valley. Earlier in his career, he founded Whamcloud, which he sold to Intel and served as the General Manager for Intel’s High Performance Data Division. Brent has also served on many advisory boards (SCxy, Cray Research, Westera) and founded the Student Cluster Competition, a world-wide event affecting the careers of thousands of undergraduates each year.

After that, we do our Catch of the Week:

  • Shahin likes this story about how Princeton researchers found a pattern in Prime Numbers based on the formation of crystals. They computationally represented the primes as a one-dimensional string of atoms and scattered light off them. “The result, published in the Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment last week, was astounding: not only did they create a quasicrystal-like interference pattern, but it was a type of fractal pattern that has never been seen before. Torquato told Quanta Magazine that this implies prime numbers “are a completely new category of structures” when considered as a physical system.”
  • Henry is distraught over another security exploit that could compromise just about any router on Earth.
  • Dan is backtracking on his assumption that an observatory shut
  • Rich points us to this survey from our friends at Univa that projects remarkable growth in corporate Ai projects moving to the Cloud.

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